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Chloe Vevrier: 2013 Pictures

Time for a long overdue Chloe Vevrier update. Chloe continues to add amazing content to her already vast website…

chloe vevrier candid pictures

Some of the glamour shoots are a bit too air-brushy for my taste but team Chloe Vevrier seem to persist with this look – maybe it’s at Chloe’s request? However, it’s great to see so many updates from Chloe. What do you guys think?

chloe Vevrier 2013chloe Vevrier 2013chloe Vevrier 2013

chloe Vevrier 2013chloe Vevrier 2013chloe Vevrier 2013

chloe Vevrier 2013chloe Vevrier 2013chloe Vevrier 2013

chloe Vevrier 2013chloe Vevrier 2013chloe Vevrier 2013

chloe Vevrier 2013chloe Vevrier 2013chloe Vevrier 2013

chloe Vevrier 2013chloe Vevrier 2013chloe Vevrier 2013

Personally, I prefer Chloe’s more candid, diary and behind the scenes pictures, like the ones below…

chloe Vevrier 2013chloe Vevrier 2013chloe Vevrier 2013

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14 Responses to “Chloe Vevrier: 2013 Pictures”

  1. Boobers Says:

    You just can’t say enough about Chloe. She has been modeling now for what–15 or 20 years and still looks fantastic. Some of her early stuff (Chloe in Japan, etc) is incredible and was to me when I first bought the videos in the 1990′s. Mind blowing body and breasts which she never hesitated to reveal! Now of course she has her own site, and yes-some air brushing, but how hot is she when she wears those glasses???

    Does anyone know her bio? I know she is from East Berlin and is in her mid 40′s. But is she married, kids? I’d be curious if anyone has and concrete info…

  2. drshrink69 Says:

    Finding information on Chloe is difficult for sure.
    1. There is a google group that dates back to 2000. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/alt.fan.chloe-vevrier
    2. IMBd says she is married to Spouse: Jason Seifert (2002 – present) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0895505/bio

  3. Rogueone Says:

    Incredibly sexy woman. Looks terrific. Her hubby is a lucky man, indeed.

  4. Boobers Says:

    If she has a husband that is…She looks to have lost some weight, right? But not in the breasts thankfully!

  5. ca uk Says:

    chloe is amazing and like linsey ive been a fan since she first came into the scene,, a true pro infront of a camera and still looks amazing at 45… the comparisons to LDM are all to apparent,, gorgeous face,, shapely ass and lush bush to go with her firm tits,, many complain about the airbrushing that goes on but im ok with it as that body doesn’t lie!!!!! has she had some work on those boobs??? who knows??? I for one think they may have had a little work as they are a lot fuller in shape compared to her earlier work but its neither here or there because shes gorgeous.. have any of you guys seen the full set of those shower pics?? I have and there amazing!!! love the new pics to,, wow!!!

  6. ca uk Says:

    im trying to get to one of her expos,, shes amazing with her fans and lets them motorboat her and gives lapdances… can you believe this????

  7. Boobers Says:

    So what is motorboating? Maybe I should come too!

  8. hugey Says:

    Boobers – RE: what is motor boating. Lol, from the UrbanDictionary

    The act of making an engine noise when sticking your face in a woman’s BOOBS.


    The placement of one’s face, specifically the mouth, into the area between a well-endowed woman’s breasts, followed by a rapid shaking of the face in a side-to-side motion accompanied by yelling. The resulting sound that is created sounds similar to an outboard boat motor.

  9. NiceGuyPenis Says:

    Okay, airbrushing is probably inevitable this day in age, but I’m thinking there’s some outright photoshopping going on here. If you’ve seen what they do to already skinny actresses on the cover of Vogue, then I imagine some clever person is making Chloe’s breasts appear a lot fuller in these photos.

    Of course, if there’s an accompanying video, that might dispel any doubt.

  10. Breast Obsessed Says:

    Like ca uk, I’ve been drooling over Chloe since she came on the scene in the late ’80s. She used to be one of my faves, and I’m amazed at how well she’s maintained her looks over these past 25 years. Granted there’s a ton of airbrushing going on, in addition to way too much makeup, but her body is mind-blowingly amazing even after all this time. Her breasts are even bigger, hopefully by natural means. I have to say, though, that nothing compares with them when she debuted. They were huge and firm and stuck out proudly in a way you don’t often see with such big ones. Here’s to Chloe!

  11. Boobers Says:

    Boy did they ever stick out! Just watch her first videos–Chloe in Japan and a video of her at the beach–showering, walking naked a long the beach, etc. Some really good stuff there.

  12. alan Says:

    Chloe is one of those rare and precious women who will be eternally beautiful and she’d be that way nude, in an evening gown or even in a burlap sack. You did ask a specific question, though. Personally, I would rather see her with her imperfections. If, however, she wants her pictures the way they are, well, I have to respect that. I am grateful that once in awhile the DNA comes together just right to give us Chloe. Abbi Secraa, Eden, and many others here are gorgeous and have beautiful breasts, but Chloe … her eyes radiate personality and intelligence, I mean to the point that her breasts, as wonderful as they are, become secondary. She’s the kind of woman who, if I brought her home to to meet my mom she would want to embrace Chloe – then they’d start talking about Goethe and I seem to think Mom would meet her match – and revel in it. Chloe … if you read this and you ever want your portrait done by someone whom others have called a master, just say the word. It would be my honor and my joy to do it for you.

  13. Femsup Says:

    Yes from what I know of her personality she is a very deep thinking spiritual woman who would have read Goethe I am sure.

    I too think her early stuff when she was fatter and thus heavier breasted is just amazing and some of the all time sexiest pictures one could see.

    I too dislike the airbrushing and would love to see her in all her maturity but so many look on youth as being sexiest.

  14. chloe's lover Says:

    i wanna fuck you busty chloe. just you come to me and i’ll give you showers of sperms

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